About Us

Wholistic Health Alliance is a nationally launched 501c3, non-profit organization with the vision of building healthy communities as well as providing a platform for holistic health practitioners to come together under one umbrella, fostering collaborations, building stronger networks and enabling greater synergy with the community. WHA provides a robust Directory to assist your search for a holistic practitioner of your choice effectively, in your own geographical area. We currently operate in the states of Massachusetts and Colorado, and are actively looking to expand into other states.

Let us join hands to build healthier communities

Our mission is simple - to build healthier communities through education and dissemination of information about simple tools for prevention and holistic solutions for health and wellness, through free, year-round events, publication of articles, and more. This not only benefits and empowers the community, it also gives exposure and visibility to the holistic practitioners who deliver the talks and write the articles.

WHA also strives to bring the holistic practitioner community together for networking, enhanced inter-disciplinary collaborations, and for simply learning more about other holistic modalities and their respective approaches to health and wellness. In addition to our year-round talks and events, we hold practitioner meetings and fun get-togethers to build a strong, well-connected body of holistic professionals.

WHA Founder Dr. Pratibha Shah, envisioned and launched the Youth Brigade initiative in 2017 with the vision to engage and empower youth in topics around health. It is targeted toward youth in the age group of 13-19, with the belief that healthy habits should be inculcated young. The Youth Brigade platform provides an opportunity for our Youth to meet periodically, in an environment that fosters conversations around health, in their own ‘lingo’ within their own ‘tribe’, inspiring and supporting one another, hopefully entrenching them soundly onto a healthier life through education, interaction and role modelling, while also developing leadership qualities. Participating and contributing in non-profit activities allows them to give back to their community as well. WHA gives volunteer hours to all participating youth.

Our long-term goal is to impact policy. We are working on integrating complementary and alternate forms of medicine into mainstream healthcare, as well as public health programs.

We are inviting members, both practitioners as well as organizational, and are always looking for ways to collaborate to further our goals of creating healthy communities. Please follow us on Twitter and Instagram, “like” our Facebook page and subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on our activities.

The W in the Wholistic:

If you are wondering whether we got the spelling of the word holistic wrong, I am happy to share that it is not an error. There is a reason you see the W there. W stands for Whole - it denotes We as against I. We want our Alliance to be the 'Whole' and the 'We' where all likeminded health professionals can join hands for the greater good of the community!


Educate, engage and empower our communities to be healthier.


Our Mission is to create a strong network of holistic health practitioners which is intimately connected with the community, and to build bridges with the mainstream health care, with the consumer at the center of all our endeavors.

Founder's Message

Founder, President

Pratibha Shah

Founder, President

Health is more than absence of disease. Health is life lived to its full potential with vitality and vibrancy. At Wholistic Health Alliance our goal is to support our Practitioner community while informing and empowering individuals to own their journey of health and wellness. I personally believe if we change the definition of success from position and assets to health and happiness, we might witness a paradigm shift in our life pursuits. Join us to help build healthier communities, with Empowered individuals, Engaged practitioners and Enlightened Youth!

Team WHA