The Youth Brigade (YB) aims to involve the Youth in initiating and engaging in conversations around health. In current times, our Youth are coached and educated in many things including career options, grades, courses, extra-curricular activities etc. But there is almost zero or minimal conversation around health. It is not surprising then that they end up making many unhealthy choices as they enter high school/college.

The Wholistic Health Alliance YB initiative is targeted towards youth in the age group of 13-19, with the belief that healthy habits should be inculcated young. A healthy childhood and youth ensures a healthier and productive life, and ultimately a healthier community and world at large.

This platform aims at providing an opportunity for our Youth to connect with their peers, have a conversation in their own ‘lingo’ within their own ‘tribe’ around the topic of health and wellbeing, inspire and support one another, hopefully entrenching them soundly on a healthier life through education, interaction and role modeling. Participating and contributing in non-profit activities allow them to give back to their community as well, while also honing their leadership, communication as well as presentation skills. So this initiative is a win-win for the Youth on many fronts. Wholistic Health Alliance gives community hours to its Youth Brigade members if they are involved in one of our projects and/or when they present/write on a topic around health.

To learn more about the YB and its launch, click here to view Press Release.

Office Bearers

Aagam Prakash

President, Youth Brigade

Aagam Prakash

Aagam Prakash

Youth Brigade

My name is Aagam Prakash, and I am a sophomore in high school. In early 2019 I attended a picnic organized by Wholistic Health Alliance (WHA), where I learned about them for the first time. I was intrigued by their Mission and their Youth program specifically. I thought their goal of working to improve the community’s mental and physical health as a whole was an important one, and one worth joining to fight for. I enrolled as a Member in their Youth Brigade (YB). Soon I was involved with and even leading some of their work with the youth. Eventually I became Vice-President, and now I am proudly steering the Youth Brigade as President.

One of the things that has defined my life has been playing soccer. I have played competitive club soccer for the last 7 years of my life with teams that were ranked top 20 nationally, for my age group. From those years of playing the sport I have learned vital skills of leadership, collaboration, and perseverance which I carry over into my work at WHA YB, school, and every other facet of my life. On a personal level, I am strongly committed to investing time on physical and mental wellbeing, because I think these are valuable assets for life. I truly believe WHA and their YB project lead this Vision from the front, working dedicatedly on ‘Building Healthy Communities’.

As a Youth Brigade member and now as WHA YB President, my goal is to involve more and more Youth in conversations around health. I feel health and wellness have to be prioritized, especially with the current state of our chaotic world. And just like me, I would like others to benefit from the leadership, communication, presentation and other skills I have honed and still doing, in my time at YB. Email me for further info on the WHA Youth Brigade and our current App Building Project.