WHA Youth Brigade App Project

The young volunteers came together in February 2020 and identified a need to make it easy to share information on how to live healthy and productive lifestyles. The team started developing WHA Information App in February 2020. The app is designed to make it easy for lay users to find credible and relevant information on holistic health. The app allows practitioners to share resources and digital articles for diverse practices including yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, and holistic nutrition.

App Team

  • Shitij Govil, Technical Lead
  • Aagam Prakash, Project Lead
  • Anushka Agrawal, Wireframe Lead
  • Khanak Joshi, Wireframe Designe
  • Aayush Singh, Wireframe Designer
  • Avi Waghray, Wireframe Designer

WHA Youth Brigade 'Teen Mental Health Initiative'

Teen Mental Health Initiative (TMHI) is a Wholistic Health Alliance Youth Brigade project. It is a student-led initiative dedicated to raising awareness on the subject of teenager’s mental health issues and subsequently taking action to mitigate the occurrence of those issues. It was founded by students, for students. Our goal is to ultimately create a world where teenagers no longer suffer from mental health illnesses or issues. To reach this goal we are currently working to create a world in which mental health is valued in the same manner as physical health.