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We are not just a Directory! We are an intimate body of holistic practitioners and members from the community, committed to bringing health and wellness information and tools to the masses.

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Isabel Frankel, CCH

Certified Homeopath and Gemmotherapist

6177922049 isabelfrankel@comcast.net

www.isabelhomeopath.com, Boston, Massachusetts, USA - 02136

Isabel Frankel, CCH, is a nationally certified homeopath and a 2014 graduate of the Teleosis Homeopathic Collaborative. In addition to her independent practice, she volunteers her homeopathic services at The Association of Haitian Women in Boston and Animas Laser Therapy in Durango. In 2017 she traveled to Haiti to mentor Haitian medical professionals in the practice of homeopathy. She continues to deepen her knowledge of homeopathy by studying with masters from all over the world and has added gemmotherapy to her offerings. One of her favorite professional activities is conducting workshops on the history and benefits of homeopathy for the uninitiated. She earned a bachelor of science degree in mathematics and psychology at McGill University in Montreal and a master's degree in education at Boston University. She has taught mathematics in Puerto Rico, Boston, and Cambridge. Ms. Frankel is a Level 3 Reiki Master, a martial arts practitioner, plays jazz flute, and is fluent in both Spanish and Haitian Creole. And she is the proud mother of two Haitian American adult children.

Shitij Govil

Shitij Govil

Technical Lead,
WHA App Team

I am Shitij Govil, a sophomore at Marvin Ridge High School. I am the Technical Lead for the Wholistic Health Alliance’s (WHA) Youth Brigade and currently working on a mobile app to help promote WHA’s goal of creating healthier communities by making a product that is convenient and accessible to all on their phones. When I was asked to lead the development of the app, I jumped on this exciting opportunity to not only enhance my skills but to help others in the process.

One of the defining characteristics of me is that I developed a long-time passion in many STEM-related fields like mathematics and programming. To further my passions, I started tutoring other students to help them learn math ranging from basic arithmetic to calculus as well as how to program using different tools such as Python, Java, and Scratch. I also created a YouTube channel to impart my skills to others . My experiences of teaching have allowed me to not only share my passion, but also grow as a person by interacting with others and developing many life-impacting experiences. As much as I love to dabble in STEM-related fields, I also love playing the violin. These hobbies have taught me important life skills such as diligence, perseverance, critical thinking, and problem solving.

As the Technical Lead of the WHA Youth Brigade, my goal is to leverage all of the experiences I have picked up along the way with my various hobbies and apply them to create an app that enables WHA to truly fulfil its goal of building healthy communities by increasing awareness of alternative forms of well-being.