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WHA Annual Health Fair

03 Oct 2020 at 9am – 4pm

Our Fair is FREE, open to the public, family friendly and with plenty of fun and experiential activities!! Please plan to attend and share the event widely. We are looking for high school volunteers and will be happy to give community hours. Adult volunteers also very welcome and needed!

WHA Member Supporter Dinner #19

12 Nov 2020 at 6pm – 9pm

Welcome to our 19th Member and Supporter Dinner!!
A holistic nutritious dinner will be provided.

6-7 pm - Settle down, grab dinner and say hello
7-8.30 - Round Table - 2-3 minutes intro per practitioner; discussion, interaction
You can come in at any point :)

WHA member dinners are an excellent opportunity to meet, connect, learn, share, support, collaborate in the most comfortable cozy intimate stress free environment!!

Camron Adibi

Outdoor Coach and Guide

412.600.5061 cfadibi@gmail.com


1, Marblehead, Massachusetts, USA - 01945

The newest miracle drug is free. It is called nature. Camron Adibi helps youths and adults connect with nature. One in three U.S. adults and nearly one in five children are now obese. There is no diagnostic code for nature-deficit disorder. As an Outdoor Coach and Guide, Camron leads safe outdoor adventures for groups or individuals either by walking, hiking, working on an outdoor project, learning to sail, or learning how to ride a horse. Hippocrates called walking “man’s best medicine.” Exposure to nature lowers blood pressure, reduces stress-hormone levels, promotes physical healing, bolsters immune-system function, raises self-esteem, improves mood, curtails the need for psychiatric medication, and reduces inflammation. Camron offers clients different options and promotes self-directed learning. Clients choose what they want to pursue. Some options include nature journaling, walking and recording sounds, making a short film, making a podcast, building a bench from recycled materials, learning how to sail a boat, learning how to ride a horse or simply learning how to groom a horse. Camron’s passion is to increase the participation and diversification of environmental and ocean literacy. He has a wide range of experiences as an educator and STEM/ STEAM teacher. He was a science and engineering teacher at a public middle school. He has a Massachusetts teaching license in General Science. He has a Master of Education degree from Gordon College and a Master of Science degree in Sustainable Design from Carnegie Mellon University. He was awarded the Vineyard Vision Fellowship in 2012. He is a U.S. Coast Guard Captain and a PATH Therapeutic Horse Riding Instructor. More information here: www.camronadibi.com


Youth Brigade


I am Aagam Prakash, a sophomore in high school. In 2019 I attended a picnic organized by Wholistic Health Alliance (WHA). I was intrigued by their Mission and that their Youth program. I enrolled as a Member in their Youth Brigade (YB) project and soon I was involved with and even leading some of their work with the Youth. Eventually I became Vice-President and now am proudly steering the YB as President.

One of the things that has defined my life has been playing soccer. I have played competitive club soccer for the last 7 years of my life with teams that were ranked top 20 nationally, for my age group. From those years of playing the sport I have learned vital skills of leadership, collaboration, and perseverance which I carry over into my work at WHA YB, school, and every other facet of my life. On a personal level, I am strongly committed to investing time on physical and mental wellbeing, because I think these are valuable assets for life. I truly believe WHA and their YB project lead this Vision from the front, working dedicatedly on ‘Building Healthy Communities’.

As a Youth Brigade member and now as WHA YB President, my goal is to involve more and more Youth in conversations around health. I feel health and wellness have to be prioritized, especially in current times. And just like me, I would like them to benefit from the leadership, communication, presentation and other skills I have honed and still doing, in my time at YB. Email me for further info on the WHA Youth Brigade project.