Aagam Prakash

Youth Brigade President


Youth Brigade


I am Aagam Prakash, a sophomore in high school. In 2019 I attended a picnic organized by Wholistic Health Alliance (WHA). I was intrigued by their Mission and that their Youth program. I enrolled as a Member in their Youth Brigade (YB) project and soon I was involved with and even leading some of their work with the Youth. Eventually I became Vice-President and now am proudly steering the YB as President.

One of the things that has defined my life has been playing soccer. I have played competitive club soccer for the last 7 years of my life with teams that were ranked top 20 nationally, for my age group. From those years of playing the sport I have learned vital skills of leadership, collaboration, and perseverance which I carry over into my work at WHA YB, school, and every other facet of my life. On a personal level, I am strongly committed to investing time on physical and mental wellbeing, because I think these are valuable assets for life. I truly believe WHA and their YB project lead this Vision from the front, working dedicatedly on ‘Building Healthy Communities’.

As a Youth Brigade member and now as WHA YB President, my goal is to involve more and more Youth in conversations around health. I feel health and wellness have to be prioritized, especially in current times. And just like me, I would like them to benefit from the leadership, communication, presentation and other skills I have honed and still doing, in my time at YB. Email me for further info on the WHA Youth Brigade project.